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Hey {{answer_GInRTXq1V7bm}}, nice to meet you! Just in case you have not connected with us before, can you tell us why co-living is interesting to you?

Briefly about us:

PUREHOUSE LAB is a non-profit platform that explores better ways to design for communities, and connects entrepreneurs and operators, to experts, spaces, investors and a large community of prospective residents to prototype real-word solutions. Our organization is a “do-tank” focused on 3 ambitions:

· (think) CREATING A VALUE-ADDED NETWORK & growing a community of experts for co-living;
· (connect) BUILDING EXPERTISE & fostering collaboration and the generation of valuable market intelligence for our network (200+ experts, 50+ brands);
· (create) DEVELOPING PROJECTS & incubating/catalyzing the launch of co-living projects.

Thanks to 6 research forums: Community, Space, Policy, Models, Communications, Services & Tools, we provide an in-depth understanding of co-living phenomenon, in the form of market data, research insights, training opportunities and develops knowledge sharing channels for its members.

The Lab does not operate any co-living space but rather serves as the "chamber of commerce" for the global co-living community.

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