Nice to meet you ;-)
Where do you live? *

What is your gender? *

Do you have children?

What age bracket are you in?

Do you know what co-living is?

What does co-living mean to you in one sentence?

Try and guess: what do you think it means?

For us at PUREHOUSE LAB, it is simply
"a form of habitation where people share space & resources to access a better quality of life"

Would you live in a co-living space? *

Ok cool. At PUREHOUSE LAB, we believe that sharing can help access a better quality  of life, mostly because it increases flexibility and convenience, but also because it helps building a community, a support network,
... lowering the rent!

We are going to explore that together now.

How often do you meet new people?

How far do your close friends and family live from your home?
They live...

Do you sometimes feel lonely?

If sharing a home meant 
meeting new people and making new friend 
would you be willing to co-live?

Which one(s) of those item(s) do you own and have in your home?

Which one(s) of those item(s) would you be willing to share with others? *

If sharing them meant lower rent, which one(s) would you be willing to share? *

If sharing them meant more convenient, simplified house cores which one(s) would you be willing to share? *

We think that some of the existing co-living spaces actually look beautiful, comfortable, convenient, and friendly.
Which one(s) do you like?

What type of space or service would make you switch from your own individual home to co-living, or shared living?

After taking this survey, did you change your mind?
Would you co-live? 

And last question...
what does your ideal co-living home look like?

Thank you so much for you interest! 
We will be in touch very soon..
I am done!
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