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Briefly about us:

PUREHOUSE LAB is a B-to-B non-profit platform that explores better ways to design for communities, and connects entrepreneurs and operators, to experts, spaces, investors and a large community of prospective residents to prototype real-word solutions. Our organization is a “do-tank” focused on 3 ambitions:

· (think) CREATING A VALUE-ADDED NETWORK & growing a community of experts for co-living;
· (connect) BUILDING EXPERTISE & fostering collaboration and the generation of valuable market intelligence for our network (200+ experts, 50+ brands);
· (create) DEVELOPING PROJECTS & incubating/catalyzing the launch of co-living projects.

Thanks to 6 research forums: Community, Space, Policy, Models, Communications, Services & Tools, we provide an in-depth understanding of co-living phenomenon, in the form of market data, research insights, training opportunities and develops knowledge sharing channels for its members.

The Lab does not operate any co-living space but rather serves as the "chamber of commerce" for the global co-living community.

So: what makes you want to join the Lab?

The Lab is structured around six expertise-based Forums, which one(s) fit(s) you best? *

The Community Forum consists of, but is not limited to, experts in community organizing, as well as the social and developmental sciences. They will collectively develop solutions that address the challenges to designing a nurturing co-living experience.

The Space Forum consists of experts in experience design who desire to apply their expertise to shared living spaces. Their skills include, but are not limited to, design thinking, architectural design, interior design, engineering. They will explore concepts such as intimacy in a shared space, interiors that favor human interaction, modularity, smart systems and sustainability for co-living spaces.

The Policy Forum consists of, but is not limited to, experts in zoning, housing policy, land use codes, tax regulations, and policy writing. They will explore areas such as adapting zoning and building codes that facilitate the creation of co-living spaces.

The Models Forum consists of, but is not limited to, experts in organizational design, entrepreneurship and business development. Together, they will explore optimal organizational structures and business models for co-living operators.

The Tools & Services Forum consists of, but is not limited to, experts in product design, software development and product manufacturing. Together, they will explore the creation of tools and services dedicated to facilitating the development and management of co- living sites, as well as services that promote sustainability through optimizing resources and facilitate an enhanced co-living experience.

The Communications Forum consists of, but is not limited to, experts in communication, mediation and participation, social media strategies, brand management and marketing. Together, they will explore areas such as optimizing digital communication strategies, communications tools for optimal development of co-living spaces and communication tools that enhance the co-living experience.

Ok, so now is the time to confirm your membership. Do you agree with our charter of collaboration? *

At PUREHOUSE LAB, we promote community development and the creation of more diverse, more affordable, sustainable, smarter and higher-quality living spaces for all. We think that it is through community-based actions and the empowerment of local stakeholders that we will succeed in developing homes that resemble their occupants and help make better cities.

The Lab ensures its integrity through research and collaboration, while at the same time allowing for the possibility of the emergence of socially-minded sustainable enterprises.

By joining the Lab, I agree to work cooperatively with other members towards the creation of a collective knowledge base, and library of “PUREHOUSELAB-proofed” co-living projects.

I recognize and support the fact that PUREHOUSE LAB serves as an advisor and sometimes equity partner to organizations created by members through the Lab’s activity.

I recognize that PUREHOUSE LAB revolves around collaboration and the exchange of ideas and information, and therefore I will honor my ethics and respect these contributions. I know that project teams can decide to define copyright rules when the ideation facilitated by the Lab needs to be protected and will respect those rules.

By adhering to this Charter, I accept to respect the values of the PUREHOUSE LAB.
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